Licensing of Print Media Monitoring Services in Greece

As of 1st May 2017, the provision of monitoring services from Greek print media requires a special licence from the Greek Collecting Society for Literary Works (OSDEL).OSDEL is an independent organisation that represents the copyrights of Greek publishers for print media. Right now, OSDEL represents the copyrights of the majority of the print media in Greece and is constantly increasing that representation through on-going negotiations with publishers.

According to Greek law, companies that have subscribed to receive print media monitoring services from Greece and companies that provide monitoring services from Greek newspapers and magazines have to acquire a copyright licence by OSDEL.

Foreign media monitoring companies have to purchase a copyright licence in order to be able to receive clippings from Greek print media and deliver those clippings to their end clients.

The cost of the licence depends on the number of end clients who are receiving the clips, on the number of clips delivered to each end client and on the duration of the licence.

As regards the duration of the licence, there are two options:

  • Licence for one-year subscription service
  • Licence for six-month subscription service

Cost per end client

One-year subscription Six-month subscription
Number of Greek print clips delivered

Cost of the
one-year licence

Number of Greek print clips delivered

Cost of the
six-month licence

Client receives up to 100 clips annually

€ 50

Client receives up to 50 clips in the six-month period

€ 25

Client receives more than 100 clips annually

€ 250

Client receives more than 50 clips in the six-month period

€ 125


The OSDEL copyright license is issued in the name of the foreign media monitoring company and it is valid for the entire subscription period, regardless of whether the end client decides to suspend the service at an earlier date. This means that if the end client decides to re-activate the service within the period that the OSDEL license is valid, you do not have to acquire a new license.

The OSDEL copyright license is bound to your company and not to the Greek media monitoring company that provides the monitoring services from Greek print media. This means that you can transfer the OSDEL license in case you decide to transfer the account to a different company.

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